Plastic Kids Pool Vs Inflatable Pool – What To Buy For Your Kids

Swimming is one of the most favored water sports in the World. People from all age group, prefer going for a swim or a dip whenever time permits. This has also been touted as one of the best exercises one can do to keep oneself fit. It’s a recognized event in all International games.

Practice makes a person perfect and it should start from childhood. Keeping this saying in mind, nowadays, most of the parents have decided to start early to train their kids in the art of swimming. It may start with a dip in the bathtub, however, accessibility has hindered a few to postpone the action for want of a “mobile pool”.


The idea of a temporary and portable swimming pool is an extremely innovative idea, for those people who do not want to spend a lot of money in building a permanent pool and then maintaining it for years to come. There is also an issue of safety, where small kids have faced issues when monitoring or supervision is not done. Keeping this mind, the manufacturers have come up with two kinds of new age temporary pools.

Both the above have their advantages and disadvantages. The type of usage decides which pool to use. It has been seen that plastic kiddie pools are sturdier when compared to inflatable pools. Let’s discuss the pros and cons, and then arrive at a conclusion as to which one is the best for the recommendation.

Plastic Kids Pool:


a. These are stronger
b. They can be used anywhere, irrespective of the type of ground. [Except sharp rocky base]
c. A group of kids can play together.
d. Found in various shapes and sizes.
e. Price wise, they are less expensive. They may vary from USD 10 to USD 40. [Prices are indicative]
f. Easy to discard and equally easy to get a replacement.
g. The depth is not a lot, hence quite safe, as it’s not too deep.
h. Very easy to climb in and out for small kids.


a. Difficult to transport.
b. The plastic being hard, bending is not a favorable option, as it might lead to cracks.
c. It needs a lot of storage space if it needs to be used for the next summer as well.
d. Strong sunlight, tends to make the plastic hard and brittle, thereby developing cracks. So we need to it away from sunshine.

Inflatable Pools :


I. Very easy to transport.
II. Storage is equally easy.
III. This can be carried along in the car to various locations.
IV. The designs are great and kids fall in love instantly


I. Needs an air pump to inflate the pool
II. Extremely fragile. They might tear up if the floor or outdoor area is not plain.

Conclusion :

Choosing the right type of pool depends on factors like transportability, storage, and ease of access. If these three parameters are considered, then inflatable pools are miles ahead, when compared with plastic baby pools. However, if longevity and price are considered, keeping in mind the safety, plastic baby pools are miles ahead. It is the user’s discretion, which will decide the winner.