How to make your electric guitar sound any way you like

Instruments have evolved a lot over the last few decades and today they are more versatile than ever. The dawn of digital technologies has greatly expanded the capabilites of what we can do with music, and that field seems to be nearly endless compared to the few things that we cannot currently do. This makes it all the more easier for instruments that were already versatile by nature to be even greater today. The guitar is one of those instruments, and of course, the electric guitar shines brigher than ever in the department of creating new crazy sounds. However, guitars alone can’t quite get there yet, which is why we rely on some additional equipment to help us get where we want. Here are some pieces of gear that can help you and your guitar sound just the way you want.


Yes, it sounds obvious, but a tuner is the first thing you should get to play with the inherent capabilities of your guitar. You have probably always played the guitar tuned to the standard method everyone uses, but as you know, you can play with the overall tuning of your guitar or even of each individual string. Your electric guitar is capable of sounding incredibly different from what you’re used to but it is a matter of getting the right tuner and starting to play around with it. Select a guitar tuner from this site if you are curious about getting one, it will definitely help you start out experimenting.

Guitar pedals

Entire books have been written about the potential of effect units like guitar pedals in creating new sounds for music. Electric guitars quickly became the staple instrument of bands of many different musical genres due to how easy it is to create unique sounds thanks to the wide range of pedals available to players. You can make your guitar sound like anything from nails scratching a blackboard to an alien spaceship coming to abduct people on Earth, there are truly little limits to what effects you can achieve using these units. For those genuinely interested in how to go about picking a pedal, you can check these best guitar pedals reviews here to get an idea of which direction to take.

MIDI controllers

Nowadays, computers are everything. Almost all of the music ever released and distributed commercially has passed through some sort of production and editing process using digital interfaces and software. It is possible to make use of these programs and interfaces directly by using real musical instruments as controllers. While you are probably used to seeing people using keyboards or digital pianos in these sorts of endeavors, it should be noted that some electric guitars are equipped with the ability to be used as MIDI controllers as well. Of course, the potential of these instruments increases tenfold when plugged into a computer where you can adjust every imaginable setting of the audio signal output. Playing around for a while with a digital interface can help you get a preliminary grasp of many different effects that you might want to try and replicate later using pedals or different tuning alternatives, all without actually going through with it.

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