5 pro tips to make your clothes last forever

There is nothing more frustrating than accidentally ruining your clothes after you have barely worn them a couple of times. Ripping holes in your t-shirts or jeans, dyeing your clear clothes after mixing them up with colored clothes, or staining any piece of clothing you have due to misusing a certain cleaning product. One or all of these things have happened to us at least once, but luckily we learn quickly what not to do once we pay the price of losing our favorite shirt. To keep that from happening to you, here we will let you in on the know of 5 secrets to make your clothes last forever.

Avoid washing time and time again

All excesses are bad, and it is no different with washing. Overwashing is real, and while you may think you are doing a great job by keeping all your clothes clean all the time, you are actually fooling yourself. The washing process itself involves chemicals that, while good for cleaning on a normal, regular basis, can also get the best of your clothes and damage the fabric. Constant washing and rinsing when using a washing machine also play a role in clothes quality decay, so make sure to wash only when necessary.

Hang clothes rather than using the dryer

As you may imagine, the same goes for using the dryer. The heat circulation process that makes clothes dry when using a dryer is no more gentle on the clothes than washing and rinsing is on a standard washing machine. A good alternative is hanging a clothesline in your laundry area to hang your clothes rather than throwing them in the dryer. Sun drying clothes can also be bad for color clothes, so make sure it’s an area where enough air flows but no excess sunlight gets through.

Use the right products when washing

It may seem obvious, but we have all accidentally used a product that isn’t meant for the use we give it. It can happen when washing clothes too, which is why it is important to pay attention to what different products do, and also know what not to use. For example, contrary to what your grandma may tell you, bleach is awful to use on clothes. When in doubt, always check online reviews. For instance, you can check a list of top fabric softeners on this site.

Keep clothes where they can breathe

A closet where enough air can get through is ideal to store your clothes. Airtight spaces that are prone to developing mold and mildew, or where moths can grow and feast on your clothes are not the best choice you can make to store them. If you have no other place to keep them, then at least try to make this space as dry as possible by any means necessary.

Don’t strike when the iron is (too) hot

While ironing is a good practice to keep your clothes looking sharp, it can also damage them really easily if you are not careful with the temperature. If you heat your steam iron too much, or if you press your clothes for too long, you can leave a burn mark that won’t ever go away. On top of that, graphic tees and other print designs are prone to getting ruined by ironing, so be smart about it and buy quality hangers instead.

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